✦ Ritual & Ceremony

Repattern your subconscious mind through ritual and ceremonial healing experiences. Transform yourself in an evening or a weekend. Choose from group or individual offerings, and/or customized special-occasion experiences. 

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✦ Community Integration

Connect with others of like mind as you move through the awakening and healing process. Choose from weekly Women's & Men's Groups, monthly Integration Circles, Moon and Sun Rituals, and Dance & Art integration events.

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✦ Healing Artist Network

Get your healing needs met by choosing from a selection of energy healers in our network. Gifted and vetted, each has built a foundation which can support the multi-dimensional work of ascension however it is showing up for you.

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Bringing Magic to the People

The Church of the Sacred Womb is part of a larger cultural revolution that is occurring around the use of sacred medicines, ceremonial healing, and ritual experiences to repattern the subconscious mind. In basic terms, we are a group of shamanic and energy healers based in Austin, TX who share a common goal of bringing magical and healing experiences to the people
who seek them. 


Enter the Temple....

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