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Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao is an ancient plant medicine that grows in Central and South America. It has been used medicinally, ceremonially, and as currency by the Mayans and other Mesoamerican cultures for thousands of years. The psychoactive ingredient in cacao, theobromine, translates to “food of the Gods,” and acts as a mildly stimulating heart opener which helps to induce feelings of love, oneness, and connection. 

As plant medicines go, cacao is a gentle and nurturing spirit that is said to open the door to the spiritual dimension, but does not push you through it. It invites greater awareness, but does not force you to do anything with this. Rather, it assists you in making changes that support your growth at a pace you are comfortable with. Although it is a feel-good plant medicine, it does not have a psychedelic effect and will not make you “high,” other than on love and life.  

Cacao can also help decrease pain and elevate mood, motivation, alertness, excitement, attention, and stress-resistance, as well as assisting us to release stuck emotions and cultivate creativity, bliss-states, and sensuality. 

Spiritually, consuming cacao is said to open one’s heart chakra, helping to facilitate a deeper connection with oneself, others, and the world around us, as well as promoting more love and less fear. Cacao rebalances our energies to help restore the body to its natural state of health.

Kambô Ceremonies

Kambô is a blessing to humanity in that it provides a way to strengthen the body's natural detox channels, as well as flooding it with bioactive peptides that can significantly upgrade and enhance your experience of life.

Nicknamed "the vaccine of the forest," it is also antifungal, antiviral, antiparasitic, antimicrobial, and antibiotic. Benefits of Kambô can include increased energy and vitality, mental focus and clarity, energetic balance, heightened immunity, emotional upliftment, and positive forward momentum in a general sense, along with so much more.

It's important to note that Kambô does not introduce any foreign toxins or substances into your system; it is considered a miracle to science that this amphibian from the rainforest produces a secretion which seems to be perfectly engineered to heal the human body, made from short-chain amino acids (or protein building blocks, otherwise known as peptides) which are actually already IN the human body.

Traditionally Kambô was used by the tribes for two main reasons: 1) to relieve a participant of what they call "panema," defined as a negative, stuck, heavy energy that hangs over a person like a cloud, and 2) for hunting purposes, to increase stamina, vision, and strength, and to decrease hunger and thirst cravings on long hikes.

In our "developed" world where toxins are everywhere and we are removed from the sources of our water and food, you can imagine the beauty of a simple, natural medicine given to us by the earth which can help us clean things out.

Rapé Ceremonies

A marvelous medicine, Rapé or Hapé (pronounced hah-pay) is a shamanic snuff made up of ground plants from the rainforest region.

It is a common practice in South America to receive the support of the plant kingdom in this way, as a pinch of the powdered plants is blown up your nose for the benefits it brings such as clearing your mind and grounding your body, opening the physical and spiritual senses of awareness, and dispersing any stuckness around your being.

The medicine is non-psychoactive but can induce general meditative states, along with a profound sense of earth-connection and embodiment, presence, and ease. Very gentle and non-committal in terms of medicine options, this is a great place to start for those who want to explore this world but may only want to stick their toe in.

Further, it is a very powerful enhancement to any kind of healing work or therapy, as it is an ideal tool for integration and processing of whatever is "up" for you at the moment when you engage.




 The Rebirthing Ceremony

Offered in the spring of each year, Rebirthing Ceremonies are a unparalled opportunity to process birth trauma or to repattern your own birth through a unique ritual experience. The power of the mind is directly responsible for inducing a profound emotional release wherein one's preverbal self is offered the chance to fully and consciously exercise agency over their own birth. Consists of several attendants, including two who are chosen to be "mother" and "father," while the participant becomes their "infant self" in the Womb, who is then gently encouraged to crawl through the birth canal (a collection of thick red cushions) at their own pace and eventually into their parents' arms. The participant designs, chooses, and dictates what they would like to experience beforehand, and this gives a profound ability to reclaim their power and repattern their birth experience as they reimprint their life from the first foundational moment of it in a way that ultimately empowers and inspires them.

The Living Death Ceremony

Offered in the fall of each year, Living Death Ceremonies (or "living funerals," or "guided ego deaths") are utterly profound ritual experiences that allow participants to experience their own mortality directly, which gives them an opportunity before death to more fully appreciate life. Each ceremony consists of activities which center one's focus on reflecting upon their own death, such as writing a self-eulogy, living will, and journaling exercises to confront "loose ends" with people in their lives, and following this preparation, participants are guided through a ritual of release and then get shrouded in large linen cloths in corpse pose. Once in the shroud, they are then guided through a profound death meditation and left to process alone through a sound healing journey. The ceremony ends with them "resurrecting" themselves from the shroud, allowing them to leave behind they need to in the Underworld and to being a "new chapter" from that moment on.

Rites-of-Passage Ceremonies

Various personal ceremonies are offered on an as-needed basis, including but not limited to:

1. Major Life Transitions

✦ Blessing Ways / Baby Showers and/or Welcoming Baby Post-Birth
✦ Funerals, including Pet Burials & Deaths
✦ Weddings + Engagements
✦ Divorces or Breakups
✦ Career Changes or Retirement
✦ School Ending or Beginning
✦ Space Healing / Conscecration: New House, or Leaving Old One
✦ Land Connection
✦ And more

2. Rites-of-Passage

✦ Childhood > Adolescence
✦ Adolescence > Adulthood
✦ Adulthood > Maturity
✦ Menarche/Menopause
✦ New Names
✦ Baptisms
✦ And more

Rites-of-Passage ceremonies have been utilized in every sacred culture on earth to commemorate and honor one's life as it progresses through time. When we access the Divine through ceremonies in honor of a life change or achievement, it allows us to mark important milestones in a way that we remember and cherish, and thus honor our transformations and growth. This conscious communion with life in turn helps us to experience our own agency and self-acknowledgement, empowering and inspiring us to honor ourself.

The Life-Altering Magic of Ceremony

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