11/28/2021 – Reiki Level III Class




Reiki Class: Level III
Expand your Reiki journey with this class that teaches you how to send Reiki to multiple people anywhere in the world at the same time, learn more techniques that will boost and strengthen your Healing abilities and begin your path to Master this art and Teach Reiki to others!
Reiki a simple technique of channeling the universal life force of love and directing it wherever the initiate would like. It can be used to raise the vibration of anything, anyone, or any situation.
Originally developed in Japan by Mikao Usui in the early 1900s, this healing modality has widely spread throughout the world offering its practitioners an easy way to support and send love to anyone and anything that needs it. Can also relieve headaches, cramps, anxiety, depression, and many other things. Level II builds on your skills from Level I, and also teaches you distance and cross-time healing.
Join Leo Saraiva to learn Reiki Level II as well as other modalities such as Reconnection Technique, Theta Healing Meditation and breath techniques.
Leo has been practicing Reiki since 2015 and energy healing with body work since 2010. He is also an accomplished martial artist having attained the level of 5th Dan black belt, and has trained for over two decades. In community he is considered to be a sacred warrior and representative of the Divine Masculine, offering safe and supportive space for people from all walks of life to learn the arts of healing and self-empowerment.
$200, payable through Venmo or PayPal (inquire within). Six hour class with snacks and tea included. Limited to 8 spots.


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