9/26/2021 – Kambô Ceremonies




Kambô to cleanse the body, mind, and soul. Kambô to focus you on your goals. Kambô to release what’s stuck and expand what’s flowing. Kambô to open you sexually, emotionally, and creatively, and to get you glowing. The miracle of this beautiful medicine cannot be understated! If you’re desiring a reset in any way but aren’t feeling called to a hugely involved experience, try Kambô for just the right amount of challenge to get you moving out of the rut. Can also be used to bring inspiration and clarity to your vision, to increase your libido and zest for life, and/or to bring a shift with health issues such as gut ailments, candida overgrowth, autoimmune diseases, and/or bacterial or viral infections. Perfect for the times. Ceremonies are in groups, and are guided by yin principles in a feminine style in a beautiful temple in South Austin. 3 hour ceremony, including meal following, as well as integration and energetic support.

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With love and mischief,

Sunday, September  26, 2021 at 11:00 AM CDT – 2:00 PM CDT