9/18/21 – Cosmic Salon



✧・° ✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: ✧ ・°.*✧. ・°: * ✧・° . ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧.・° ✧. ・°:

THE COSMIC SALON occurs four times per year at each solstice and equinox. Now in its 5th year, it is a unique space, a collaborative sacred space for visionaries and geniuses, artists & musicians, weirdos & misfits, healers and magicians~ The space is playful and yet evocative. It feels ancient and transcendent, with discussions weaving organically like dimensional layers on the air– in between spells over Cacao, song and musical offerings, mystical and magical stories– along with games, tea, more tea, and whatever else we all decide to create! Activities Include: ❁ Town Hall Group Discussion ❁ Cacao Ceremony ❁ Ecstatic Dance ❁ Self-Run Photobooth ❁ Live Painting ❁ Fire Spinning ❁ Event Photography ❁ Vendor Tables ❁ Vegan food ❁ More TBA!

✧・° ✧. ・°: * ✧・° .* ✧・°: ✧ ・°.*✧. ・°: * ✧・° . ✧・°: *✧ ・°.*✧.・° ✧. ・°:

Salon topics can encompass any area, including Magic – Medicines – Aliens – Astrology – Ascension. This is a space for sharing wisdom and discussing ideas that are otherwise too “deep” for typical parties. Emphasis is on safety for all sensitives, no matter your stance. We are honored to be featuring medicine music label TIMEWHEEL for the ecstatic dance portion of the night. See their website for more info about their work!: timewheel.net This is a family-style event. You can bring friends and kids, and we encourage the sharing of vegan-friendly food, drinks, an instrument, a poem or song, or simply your magical self

✷ (Suggest donations of $22-44 encouraged via Venmo to @churchofthesacredwomb! *3424 or paypal.me/sacredwomb)

PS. Note also that this isn’t really “party” as much as it is a “salon” – safe for you to be present in any condition you want to come in. Social & engaging or antisocial & more observer/bystander, all is good! We know that with genius comes madness – both are welcome to be here. Bring it and let’s play 🙂