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Ritual Healing

Studies show that acting out theatrical ritual processes can heal trauma, rewire
the brain, make peace with the past, and encourage new identities for participants. We facilitate various rites to repattern the subconscious mind in beautiful, elaborate experiences for healing & transformation.

Medicinal Ceremonies

Natural alternative healing methods are available that offer avenues of rapid awakening and healing when many traditional methods fail to be effective. Perfectly legal, these medicines - such as Kambo, Cacao, and Rapé - can bring remarkably potent shifts to one's being.

Healing Artist Network

As a community of healing artists and highly sensitives, we offer a safe place for everyone interested in alternative healing methods. For clients: if we don't do it, we know who does. And for healers: Easily develop your identity, website, & offerings with streamlined tools and templates.


✦ ──── Church of the Sacred Womb ──── ✦

The Womb is a unique ceremony style that consists of a strong and foundationally-secure “vortex” in which to experience rapid transformational change. After three years of development and refinement, the potency of this therapy model has grown into a culture centered around a “temple” or “hearth” for the healing of the people at large, with the temple being not only a physical space, but also a group of minds who can organize to pray and/or visualize intentional outcomes and healing for those in need.

COSW is reinstating ritual healing as a cultural norm and creative avenue to wholeness.

We are helping healers become economically sustainable, providing sacred space for the community to deepen their bonds, assisting people with finding the right healers for their needs, and helping everyone in our orbit realize that they all have magical abilities, whether they know it or not.


Have questions?

If you want to explore the benefits of energy and creative ceremonies for healing, email us directly at [email protected]