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"Working with Church of the Sacred Womb is like being held close under a fluffy blanket in a snow storm, compassionate, caring and warm."

"I've never been to an event I didn't leave being a more true version of myself."

"I've watched at least a half-dozen different ceremonies and the Womb experience you provide is by far the best I've seen, truly. The way you both conducted the ceremony is even more powerful than many of the experienced shamans I've seen, which is really, really, saying something. You should both feel extremely proud that you're serving your community so beautifully well."

“I now have a reference point for the basis of Creation and what it true Love is. The Priestesses held me in the most sacred, natural, & protected space. If you are reading this you are most likely ready to meet yourself as the all powerful Creator/Creatress. I recommend this to anyone seeking through meditation or Spiritual teachings to remember their true essence as the Infinite Source.”

"I can't recommended Clementine and Astra enough! They provide a very safe and comfortable environment. I feel very thankful that I was able to cross paths with them. I gained so much out of my time with [the Church], and I can't wait until my next session with them!"

"Clem & Astra are true masters! They both attuned to my journey, taking steps in the energetic & physical realms to ensure the most healing process possible. I would highly recommend this experience to those called to make a significant internal shift and reset to a higher vibration."

"Since beginning my work with A&C, I have seen profound shifts in my life as it has integrated and anchored in fragments of myself I didn’t know were missing. I always have a renewed sense of self and purpose and am reminded of my power, grace and wisdom and am always left beaming with love. I am in such gratitude for this work as it has helped me remember who I am and why I am here."

"Clem and Astra, after communication of my health and wellbeing, guide me through my shadow aspects by their way of being within the space, with their words and vibrations, with the establishment of trust and support, and of beautiful song and other ancient (and modern) methods that allow me to feel my ultimate Truth."

"So incredible! Amazing experience with truly beautiful and loving women in a safe space. An experience my heart will always treasure."

"I am in awe of the power of this work and the container that Clem and Astra provide - the space, the intention, the love, the depth, the affirmation, everything. I had a profound healing and remembering experience of who I really am, and that has stayed with me - I feel far clearer, more loving, more confident, more relaxed, centered, intentional, like both my inner child and ancient mystic selves were both powerfully awakened at the same time. What a magical and miraculous experience. If you're considering jumping in, don't hesitate!"

"I was fed and nourished by the experience. It gave me the opportunity to explore ways to lovingly tend to my physical body while I'm still alive."

"The ceremony helped me transcend and give away some of my oldest and most closely held fears."

"A lot of the healing process can seem grueling and tough. With COSW, I've learned that healing can be gentle yet potent. With their intentionality, invocations, and attentive touch, this [Kambô] ceremony has become my favorite way to heal the body, mind and spirit. When things got tough or uncomfortable, they were there with a helping hand or glance to reassure us that we were ok. And the integration circle at the end truly makes all the difference, helps us learn from each other's experience and apply the lessons to our everyday lives. This ceremony has such a gift in my life. I'm extremely grateful for The Chuch of the Sacred Womb for their work and offerings."

"I adore the facilitators. I love the conviction in their prayers, the clarity of space, and the care they put into explaining the process. Gracious hosts and informative."

"I felt very safe, I felt loved, I felt the ability to be able to free emotional wounds without judgement. The knowledge and wisdom brought by you all was so interconnected with what I was ready to experience with my higher and parallel selves. Thank you so much."

"I had already felt strong soul ties to Clementine and Astra, but their collaboration in holding space for me every step of the way was such an honorable experience. They are INCREDIBLE facilitators and I Am beyond grateful for their divine assistance. I trust in them wholeheartedly and will continue to seek their facilitation and support at future sacred ceremonies."

"Was absolutely lovely. Warm and welcoming and professional."

"Working with you guys has been very special and sacred. I felt very taken care of, I trusted my intuition and surrendered fully going into this and am so thankful to have this experience with you guys in the beautiful space you created. A safe container of love and light."

"Clem & Astra create the most welcoming, beautiful space. The way they work with the energy and help you dive as deeply as you’re comfortable with is an absolute art! In times where I was having difficulty overcoming an internal obstacle, they knew just what to do to help me bring my awareness to the right place to progress. The verbal integration at the end felt like I was in a therapist’s office, in the kindest and gentlest way. Working with them is the only way that I engage with this medicine - they’re that distinctively awesome!"

"Clem and Astra know what they're doing and they know what's up!"

"I feel at home and at peace. Very safe, held and nurtured, observed and understood, not judged. Pure love!"

"Truly life changing experience. The warmth, attention, and love shown in the ceremonies stays with clients for a long time. That in itself is very healing. Caring and safe atmosphere allows for a major breakthroughs to come forward. I cannot recommend you enough!"

"Working with Clem and Astra is a beautiful experience. Their expertise, professionalism and understanding provides a safe space for inner exploration. Easily the best sacred ceremony experience I've ever had!"

"The church of the sacred womb has come into my life in a period of immense turning and uncertainty, they hold space in a way that has given me so much positive reenforcement. I am so thankful to this place for existing and doing the work they do, its so important and often times thankless. It’s amazing that people like these exist here. Please donate to them if you can. There is no more noble a cause."

"The amount of care and conscious attention from beginning to end was done with pure love, it's something you just feel. Both Astra and Clementine were super respectful. They also know how energy works and work closely with mother gaia with their spoken word and conscious intention. Compassion levels are through the roof, but they're also highly relatable and cool humans overall. So good on multiple levels."

The Life-Altering Magic of Ceremony

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